About ArkNova

About Us

We’re a company established in 2020 in Cali, Colombia.

We are focused on improving our customers’ experience through the construction of joint
spaces in which we design viable, feasible and scalable tech solutions.

We were established in early 2020, just before the pandemic started

Our company is the result of the joint effort of its members, who were once clients and dreamed of a company that would cover the end-to-end needs of its customers.

Our History


Senza Innovation Award (2022)

Award given by our client Riopaila Castilla, at his annual the supplier event, in recognition of the innovation achieved by the projects executed by ArkNova.

Heart Energy Commitment Award (2023)

For the second consecutive year, our client Riopaila Castilla recognizes our commitment thanks to the implementation of critical projects for the organization

Our Value Proposal

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